How we work

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Customer orientation and sharing objectives. Corporate assets’ optimal management research and study.

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Request management with services that optimally respond to customer needs.

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We shed light on your company’s assets. We provide your company’s assets with value because we have the tools to identify and analyse them properly.

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We manage every company asset aspect including registration, maintenance, handling, and storage.

About us

We are inventory and management of movable property specialists

More than 30 years of experience and ten million managed assets have allowed us to offer companies and individuals who, like us, have made inventory and asset management their strength, a wide range of services.

We efficiently manage company assets and specific services, including the inventory of moveable property or fixed assets and physical inventory-account entry reconciliation. We believe that the first, crucial step is to shed light on assets which are the company’s value.

We offer companies the advantage of having a single company for the management of their assets, including inventory, traceability, maintenance, handling, and disposal. This allows personnel to focus on core business.

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Se sei alla ricerca di una soluzione per la gestione dei cespiti diretta e per l’ottimizzazione del valore patrimoniale della tua azienda, compila il modulo a fianco. Sarà nostra premura ricontattarti subito per fissare un appuntamento con un nostro incaricato, così potremo conoscerci ed approfondire le tue richieste.